Tuesday, August 12, 2008

more fo's

finally, the linus project blanket that needed seaming (thirty-six 7" by 9" pieces) is complete.... I was thinking about an attached i-cord edging, but I need to decide on a color. At any rate, I could send it out now and here is the labor of all those kids work from March and April, many of them new knitters

Linus Project blanket #1  2008

it's all acrylic yarns but various companys and many knitters. My retired teacher friend has another 36 blocks in more girly colors that she is in charge of seaming. My pointer finer is actually a bit sore from that darning needle.

I also have some little magic baby booties that I knit up from scraps in the wrong weight wool, thereby forcing me to use a larger needle and messing up the gauge. So i winged the math and came up with these:
baby slippers in the round
and to see the bottoms:
baby slippers in the round
you can tell that the yarn is from the same skein, but they aren't a matched pair, which kind of gives them a charm of their own!

I'm trying to import pictures from flickr that I have already uploaded.. we'll see how the look is.

I finished up spinning some Colonial top from Ashland Bay that a friend has sent me a sample of long ago. It spins like a dream. Someday I'll order more.... after I get through the stash of fiber that already is in my house. Right now I'm working on another sample that the same frind dyed. I'm not sure of the fiber though.

someday I'll learn this html stuff so that I can really make my blog the way I want it to look, but for now there's no time.

DS1 had a friend sleepover last night. Tonight is DD's turn..2 of her friends. pulling in the last few days of summer!


hakucho said...

The linus blanket turned out great...I'm sure it will make someone very happy :)

g-girl said...

the blanket looks great! i'm sure your pointer finger was sore from that huge project! the top you spun is pretty!