Saturday, August 16, 2008

oh no

where did it go? summer that is. I feel really sad about the encroaching school year... I can't believe summer is about over. And I'm more than a bit anxious about this school year being split between the 2 buildings. I can't get my mojo to get ready and start.

I wanted to finish painting my room in the old building yesterday, but that wasn't in the cards. So it will have to come on Monday. At least I can stay until 4 that day.

On a knitterly knote (yes that spelling was intentional) yesterday I learned the Turkish cast on and knit baby booties (one at a time) on 2 circulars. I'm on my second pair and the more I do it the easier it is. This will open a whole new window in my sock knitting (once I buy some smaller number circs - like 1s and 2s - I'm thinking options silver and harmony would do nicely!)

Today I started spinning some targhee I won on ebay for a song. 4.5 ounces of kettle dyed for $3.10 plus shipping. There's a reason it was so inexpensive. There is quite a bit of VM in it and it's a bit felted IMO... so I'm spinning it low twist and kind of thick (and sometimes thinner) I was going to leave it as singles but I think I may 2 ply it (after I overdye one of the plies a darker blue) Right now it's bright berry blue (you know the Kool Aid shade) so some darkness thrown in could be good. Then it could be really nice mittens for DS2 :-)

Speaking of mittens, the ones on the cover of the Fall Vogue are simply stunning and not surprisingly designed by Jared Flood. He is amazing, his knitting, spinning, photography and design... and to think it's not his livelihood. That man has talent! First time I passed the mag by because of all the charts for the patterns I liked, but had second thoughts that maybe I should learn to read charts so in the end I coughed over the bucks to buy it.

DH took the kids to BounceU for open bounce this AM cuz we had free passes left from DS1's birthday party there. Then we went to Perkins for breakfast. Kind of a lazy day here at home. Trying to eek out the last few relaxing moments of the season.

Off to check out the moon scope. I thought about it early yesterday, but it was so cloudy. Turned out to be a beautiful night with a full moon. Should have gotten it out for the kids to see. Tonight I'll be better prepared and also ready to watch Phelps take his possible 8th gold... what excitement!

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g-girl said...

i'm feeling the same way. :P where in the world did it go??? :( ooh, you learned how to do the turkish cast on?? jealous! that is something I need to learn.