Wednesday, August 27, 2008

tomatoes from heaven

this year, I unfortunately planted nothing in my garden, save a few herb plants. Low and behold though, several cherry tomato plants popped up; volunteers, as my friend Gene would call them. I *love* tomatoes, in any form, but fresh picked are my favorite and ones that I can pop into my mouth whole are the best! This was today's harvest. Doesn't your mouth water just looking at them??

On my way out of school this afternoon, I heard rain. No, not from outside, from one of the empty classrooms. Apparently the guys fixing the air conditioning aren't doing such a great job. The ceiling was open and the water was pouring out of it onto the carpeted floor. Apparently this isn't the first time this has happened of late because there was a dehumidifier in the room and the carpeting has huge stains on it. I called up to the office to alert them. The custodial staff scurried down to the room along with our building principal. That poor man has enough to worry about between the 2 buildings. So when you think your day is bad, it could be worse. Be happy for the little things like tomatoes from heaven!

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g-girl said...

volunteers! I love it. :) i'm a tomato lover myself. nice to know that they might just pop up. :)
wow, glad it wasn't your room where it was raining!