Friday, August 15, 2008

more booties

Pattern: Grandma's Favorite Booties by Doreen L. Marquart
from the 2008 Knit pattern a day calendar May 26/27
Yarn: Lion Brand Jamie Baby
Colorway: Sherbet print 239
Needle: US4
Recipient: Dunham baby

I think there's an error in either the pattern or my brain. Everyone elses on ravelry looks fine but mine came out with the sides and top in opposite stockinette (one purl one knit side) and I'm thinking it just needs a row 20 of purl before you start instep shaping.... oh well, they're still kind of cute!

Not much else accomplished. I started and ripped Saartje's booties twice. I'm going to try them in the round next.

I'm finishing my first monkey sock...I'll never get everything done!

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