Tuesday, August 26, 2008

10 on tuesday

list the 10 things you didn't like about school

1. waking up early (still don't)
2. catty girls (still don't)
3. dressing the part (still don't)
4. assignments I wasn't interested in
5. the bathrooms (that smelled of cigarette smoke)
6. the popularity contests (still don't play them)
7. my frosh roommate
8. the morning after the frat parties
9. physics 101 (it was at 8 AM after all)
10. teachers who made you feel inferior (and I pray I'm not one of those)


Joyce said...

That's a good list, Carole.

I also read your day 2 post; you are certainly a BUSY teacher! Today is our first day back to school. I'm a para educator at the middle school, working 4 hours per day, so I've got it easy. I'm looking forward to meeting all the students with whom I'll be working this year. :)


Even though I just teach knitting at NACC, would you believe I'm actually excited about starting classes agin in a few weeks! Making the world better by turning out a new batch of knewbie knitters!