Monday, August 11, 2008


I should have put the baby booties and my monkeys in the sockput and my poncho in the cabled steeplechase.

I worked some on that latter thing. It will be a miracle if I medal in that!

How about the American men's swimming today???? Grinning from ear to ear. When I was a young swimmer I idolized Spitz. Had a poster of him hanging in my room with his 7 gold medals around his neck. He was a tad more handsome than Phelps is though, imho.

I'm working on these cute little booties but in the wrong yarn and hence, the wrong needle so my gauge is abominable.. I spent more time doing math than knitting. The one that's done is cute though!

School tmrw.. and I believe I'll start to paint as well. Takin' everything in at least! and I will take my monkeys with me, so I can knit while learning! can't waste a minute...

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