Sunday, August 24, 2008

my classroom

thought I'd post pictures of the classroom about ready for inhabitation. Well it's gonna have to be. I'm at that school Tuesday morning with kids. I'm at the new school tmrw with no room, stark difference

when you walk in the door you see this

The boxes in the corner will be gone as soon as my 4th graders get their flutophones.

if you look to the right this is the view:

Looking to the left and this is what you see:

From the viewpoint of the chairs:

Still a few more touches to do like maybe a couple of plants to hang from the ceiling (I'm thinking spider plants hanging back towards the windows) But I'm really happy with it. It's quite a change from the past few years


hakucho said...

Almost as good as being a fly on the wall ;)

Katie Lyons said...

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g-girl said...

love the yellow! and the love the notes hanging on the ceiling. :) ooh, plants would be lovely!