Monday, August 18, 2008

b & b (booties and blanky)

Here are two pairs of booties I finished this weekend. Except, I have to turn one right side out and fix the buttons... that's what I get for sewing at 2 AM!

Pattern: Saartje's Fleeglized Bootie
Yarn: Paton's Grace, unknown acrylic
Color: blue, spearmint, blue
Needle: US3 (two circulars)
recipient: DH's cousin and ??

I think I have another pair to make and then I'll be done with booties for a bit! (except for the cute felted pair I want to make... it truly never ends)

I finished painting in my room today. It's really yellow. I think that will be good in the winter cuz it'll be cheery.. plus once the posters etc are hung, it should tone it down a bit. Now to set up the room and get the other school ready not to mention lessons.

The other Linus Project blanket was delivered. Thanks Rhoann. My finger appreciates all your hard work.

Now to pack them up and mail them out this week. I need to find that info again.

OK.. back to knitting. Trying to rack up those medals LOL


hakucho said...

I love those booties...they are super cute :)

fleegle said...

Glad you finally got to make these. I do so hate sewing :)

g-girl said...

love the blue booties. wow, the second blanket has some great colors in it!