Monday, September 01, 2008

off work on labor day

is that a oxymoron?

DH and DD went to the first annual Labor Day parade in town. He said it was kind of pathetic and extremely short. DD was happy cuz they threw candy to the kids.

This afternoon we all went to the pool for the last time of the season. About a month ago I 'misplaced' DS2 and my membership cards, so DH was taking the kids usually 2 at a time without me. Today while going through his fanny pack, looking for change for DD for the snack bar, I found our cards. He had insisted that they weren't there, but I could have sworn I had put them there. I had looked all over the house and couldn't find them so I chalked it up to 'the borrowers' Go figure... oh well at least I know I'm not nuts!

After dinner DH and DD went to the grocery store and I set about to do some more chores, like cleaning the kitchen, folding laundry etc. Earlier in the day I was straightening up a corner in the basement so tonight I decided to wash up some fleece. This is a Romney/BFL/BL cross I bought last fall and had only washed about half of it. The total fleece weight is 7 lbs raw. I got it from a semi-local farm where the shepherdess shears the sheep with hand scissors... not hand shears, scissors like we're talking little Fiskars that are the size of embroidery scissors. I MUST go see this sometime. She harness trains them. Anyway, there are NO second cuts and the fleece is really quite clean. Two washes and a rinse and it came out looking like this. I am really happy. Can't wait to spin Shasta! The locks are long and lovely. Reminds me a bit of Fuzzy (my first fleece) but only softer.

I finished the cloth for my exchange partner. I'll pack up the goodies and mail it to her this week! It was a fun knit. I'll post pics in a month on Opening Day.

Back to work tmrw. At least it's a short week!

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