Sunday, September 21, 2008


so the pitch pipe pouch I made Mom for her birthday was absconded by the director of here woman's singing group. The director sent (through mom) a thank you note for it. Mom, why don't you just tell her that it was YOUR birthday gift. well anyway, I guess I'll be making another.

we got to see the niece and her DH (and their friends) today. Haven't seen them since before they moved to England. The SIL was there too... all those crazy Americans living far far away!

And yesterday we finally met Mabel. DS1 was enthralled with her. It was really fun to watch him interact with a baby. SO different that we're used to.

I'm pooped... no pictures even though DH and I took a beginning DSLR class for Olympia on Saturday. It was very well presented but I didnt' learn what I wanted to learn. Guess I have to go to the intermediate class for that... all the technical stuff about F stop and aperture, etc. and how it affects your pictures (or I could just play with the camera and figure it out myself)

ANd the week begins again. Sunday evenings depress me!

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hakucho said...

Too bad your Mom lost out on her pouch, but that has got to be the highest form of flattery!! You'll have to make an extra special pouch to replace your Mom's confiscated birthday present :)