Wednesday, September 03, 2008

happy wednesday

I missed ten on tuesday by an hour or so.. oh well.

I took another picture of my bottle socks but both filled with their respective bottles. I have to say, I used one today at work and it was fantastic. I set my ice cold drink down on the piano sans worries of leaving water marks AND it kept my drink cold all afternoon (and we don't have AC at school)

One week in, 35 to go.... I have to admit, I'm envious of my friends that are retiring this year. Although I get much more accomplished when I'm working. It forces me to stick to a schedule and I'm much more productive. I picked the winter repertoire tonight for the chorus concert. The theme is snow. I'm going to try to make snowflakes to hang from the gym ceiling. And I'll make a power point of all snow slides... guess it doesn't hurt to start collecting now. Why wait until the last minute?

DD took a piano lesson today. She had a 2 year hiatus, in which time her original teacher moved. She's really showing an interest now though and I don't feel as if we're pushing her but that she wants to do it. She'll be a busy girl this year, which I think will be great for her. Piano, brownies and gymnastics. Maybe it's what we all need in order to keep some sanity in this house.

I CO for a baby kimono tonight in recycled cotton yarn. Then I realized I didn't get enough. I'll have to stop at ACMoore tmrw on the way home to pick up one more skein. What a shame! Guess I should go print out a coupon now!

I finished washing up Shasta tonight and took a small hunk and flicked it. My what a lovely fleece. I wish I had more time to spin and knit, but that's life.

I'm busy picking out my next sock pattern as well. I'm leaning toward Pomatomus, another Cookie A sock. Although I just bought the book 2 at a time socks with a 40% off coupon at Michael's so maybe I'll choose one from the book and try my hand at knitting 2 at a time. (I wish my knitpicks order would get here already!)

I have some sock yarn coming from ebay as well as some purewool (both worsted and sock weight) - remember sockyarn stash doesn't count - so I'm thinking it's gonna be a sock Christmas (mom, don't tell anyone!) Especially if I get this 2 at the same time thing going! I'm also thinking I should be spinning sockweight. This romney cross would probably wear really well!


Anonymous said...

How sweet, bottle socks!

I don't know if you remember it but you were in my blog and asked who the girl singing in my videos were.
Her name's Lene Marlin. Lovely girl and voice.


g-girl said...

ooh! ooh! ooh! you got the 2 at a time socks book?? you'll have to tell me what you think of it. i've had it on my amazon wishlist forever now and just haven't gotten around to purchasing it! so pomatomous, eh? ambitious! :D lad to hear the bottle socks worked out. :)