Saturday, May 31, 2008

the mystery

is solved. The tree from this post has been identified by two kind ladies. Sue Mrenna was the first to let me know that it is a tulip tree. And later Ady Sinclair sent me this link on wikipedia that also has pictures and it's correct genus name, liriodendron. So I thank both of you. I have learned what I need to know for the day.

on a different note (no pun intended) the chorus performed tonight at the luminaria service in Palmerton's relay for life. Midst the rain and thunderstorms, they were great. It's really hard to perform outside with no amplification. And they once again proved that they could roll with the punches as the soloists had to be boostered by the group in order to be heard. Before the second song, the lights went out (they were supposed to but we didn't know that) and during the last song, the electricity went out so they had no accompanimental CD, but they were real troopers and kept going. They never cease to amaze me and make me proud. I want all of them to know that.

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