Sunday, May 04, 2008

busy weekend

DS1 and DD had a full schedule Saturday. They both had their respective gymnastics lesson this morning. Then this afternoon, they each had a meet. The boys first and then the girls. DS1 (who seems to goof in his lesson more than anything) won first place - highest overall score - in his division. He is tickled, well red (his favorite color)
DD did better than last year. I should mention that in between class and the meet, she went to a birthday party. Not making excuses for her... but she was pretty pooped. She fell asleep in less than 2 pages of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

The concert Friday night was an experience. DS1 didn't wear the hat or makeshift bow-tie I made him. And for a while, I thought he wasn't going to go. "I look stupid, people will laugh at me" but DH convinced him to go (after the rest of us left) and he soon realized that all his chums looked just as 'stupid' as he did and rather cute I'll say.

DD came through.. she wore her outfit with pride and gave me no problems once it was finished. Her outbursts were before it was even made. After the concert, we went for ice cream at the parlor closest to the concert venue. We all got cups except for DD who insisted on a cone. Her dress wore more than she ate. Thank goodness it only cost me $3. I'll try to wash it out though as she seems to think it would ve fun to use as dress up. The blouse was big on her, and somehow more lace managed to get ripped. So before I put it away, I'll fix the new broken spots. and then carefully find it a home.

I had my first camera disappointment. I bought this model from eBay when the kids broke mine that is identical. I wanted this one because one year for Mother's Day DH had gotten me a telephoto lens and a wide angle lens that screw on to the camera with an adapter. This ring is supposed to screw off the front of the camera. I couldnt' get the ring to screw off the ebay one at the concert (had I tried it before, you ask.... of course not) so I had to hold the lens on the front of the camera.. not precisely ideal for taking pictures in focus (the camera wasn't very steady with me pushing the extra lens on the front) but you can get the idea. That and we were back 26 rows... so the flash wasn't very helpful. The place was packed and quite the mess. Bach Choir of Bethlehem's first weekend of the May festival was happening at the same time (at a very nearby venue) so the parking deck was full of Bach goers and school concert goers. The average audience member, who is there to see their own kid, can be so rude to other listeners. I've found this at the concerts we give at my school and I'm always enraged by it, so I don't know why I was surprised.

We didn't even get to look at the art work in the lobby because the information that came home said that the elementary concert was first then browsing the gallery for the art show and then the middle/high school concert. But they made the announcement that kids should take their art work home.. so half of it was gone. DS's grade showcased a lesson on birthday cakes. (same as DD when she was in Kdg) This birthday cake is for me... hence the 12 on the cake. the Date of my birthday (and of course it says happy Birthday mommy) My sweet, sweet boy.

DD has a picture of a fish that they used white paint on the paper and then used pastels on top.. it creates a textured picture. The background of the picture was to be comprised of cool colors and the picture itself was to use warm colors. This kids amazes me!

Sorry I have no knitting pictures. Natalie and I did fix our dresses yesterday and my shirt this afternoon though (where did I squeeze that activity in) so we look more presentable at our concert Tuesday evening when they put us on Blue Ridge Cable TV presenting our check to ACS

The lilacs are out full force and I have the voice to prove it.

As are my chives:

I bought a cheap (in many ways) bookshelf from craigslist today to put my cotton cones on. It fits behind the door to the yarn room... so it's out of the way. Pics of that will come as soon as it's ready.

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Becky said...

Oh, I know what you mean about concerts! I get so infuriated at my son's band concerts. When their own child's band is not on, people are talking--either to someone in the room or on a cell phone, playing games, walkling around--you know. It got so bad this year that the band director had to come out between bands and ask the audience to stay seated and quiet while the bands were playing.

Then, once their own child is done, they get up and leave.