Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mom's day

to all the mother's in the world. Cherish your babies... no matter how old they are.

My kids surprised me yesterday with these beautiful flowers. I love them, especially the Galliarda daisies.. wish I could get them to grow in my garden. Unfortunately, I have a kind of black thumb.

After that surprise, they also handed me these hortensia (in Spanish), better known here as hydrangea or snowball bush. The flower comes in many colors and can change depending on the make-up of your soil. I planted one of these last year and managed to kill it. DH tells me that the florist said they like their feet wet, which makes sense because in Argentina they grow to huge sizes along the Tigre River delta.

This morning I had 4 cards made by my cherubs, a hand written book and a heart shaped potpourri DD made at after school care. AND a gift certificate to I'm not familiar with that store, so I'll have to check it out later.

Mom loved her hat, so now I can post a picture of it. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera along, so you'll have to tolerate it being modeled by me. It looks particulary beautiful with my purple hair don't you think?

Pattern: Felted Hat by Arlene Williams
Ruffled Rose by Y2Knit
Yarn: Paton's Classic Merino
Colors: Rich Red and That's Purple
Needle: US11
Bead: from Oriental Trading red flower glass bead kit

She has a red hat meeting tomorrow at lunch so it's perfect timing as her only other red hat was a maroon baseball cap by brother gave her!

We also gave her a miniature rose bush that I'll plant outside her patio (and yes I forgot to get a picture of that as well)

Mom gave me a boatload of pictures of dad to make a collage with for the luncheon next week. I think I'll scan the ones I want to use then put them on a disk and print them so I can cut them and arrange them artistically.... got to spend some time on that!

in the rotten news, I think the dvd drive on my computer is shot :-( It won't play DVDs and won't record CDs... I should look into fixing this (should have done it months ago, as the warranty prolly *just* ran out :-p )

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