Friday, May 02, 2008

so much to do and so little time... who needs sleep?

First off. VERY early Thursday AM, I opened my cloth exchange from my partner Robbie. It's been sitting staring and tempting me for well over a week now. It's the 4 corners dishcloth which is based on a baby blanket pattern of EZ. I've been wanting to make this cloth but never got around to it yet. Thanks Robbie.. I love the colors.. I don't know what the colorway is though. I can still see myself knitting this patern someday.
She also sent me a postcard of Mt. St. Helens near where she lives and a cute notepad of M and M saying I melt for no one :-) Love it
Thanks Robbie!!!!!

This is the cloth I sent her:

Pattern: Annie Washcloth
Yarn: Peaches and Cream
Colorway: fairytale
Needle: US6

Along with this I sent her a long notepad that has a magnet on the back for your fridge. I hope you like your puffy Robbie.

On other notes, tonight I am working on costumes for the kids school music concert. DD needs to look like the 1900s. I bought a lavendar gown at the Salvation army thrift shopfor $2.97 on Tuesday. So I took in the bodice (It was a ladies 2XL and DD is 8 years old) It laced up the back.. so the laces came out and the spot that laced is now a seam. I took the lace and made spaghetti straps to hold up the dress. There was an offset zipper, which remains so she can get in the dress, since I fitted the bodice pretty tightly. Instead of cutting the length, and needing to hem a VERY full skirt in those poofy hard to sew fabrics, I bustled it all around and put in what is a makeshift waistline to the dress. The length is more manageable for her now.

The new bodice of the dress will be functioning as a camisole under this blouse which I found at mom's during the move from the house to the apartment. I wouldn't be the LEAST surprised if it is vintage 1900's. It probably belonged to my grandmother or her sister. The cotton fabric is in pretty good shape but the lace insets were falling apart, so I needed to do a lot of hand repair. It's really beautiful although DD put up a fight about wearing it. Now that she has her long 'dress' she's OK with it all thought. The blouse buttons up the back and the collar stands up. It's too big for her but will be OK overtop the gown. I'll post pictures after tmrws event!

For DS1, I bought khaki pants (for $2.99 at the Salvation Army thrift shop) and cut off the legs below the knees... I'm off to make cuffs that button and sew them at the bottom of the leg (after gathering it a bit of course) to make him a proper pair of knickers. DH found suspenders at American Family Services thrift shop that we'll arrange to fit him. I don't know how much he had to give for them though.. he'll probably not tell me either, because I doubt he remembers...

I'm also knitting him a bow-tie to match his hat. The yarn is the wrong weight and I need to make in Kindergarten size, so I'm tweaking as I knit. I'll post pics of him as well when the ensemble is all finished.

Yesterday, I washed out the tie-dye garments I brought home.. some will have a redye job this weekend as I'm not 100% happy with the results.. That's what we get for rushing. My chorus kids LOVE theirs though and I've had great reports from the mom's that are doing the washing out. Fortunately, my principal really likes his and is psyched to wear it to hte concert.

OK.. I'm off to hit the sewing machine. Wish it was the bed instead. I have no voice from the lovely spring allergies.. hit me like a truck today.

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