Thursday, May 29, 2008

he's so sweet

we met at Wegman's for dinner and it was pretty obvious that my mood wasn't the best. (horrible last period class... really I'm so glad it was the last time I'll see them until September and with any luck the dynamics will be better from mixing the kids in different homerooms) so after we all ate, I took the older 2 to pick out gifts for birthday parties they're attending this weekend while he did the grocery shopping. (DS2 went to the store's child care) I got home with the older 2 and there were these sitting on the kitchen counter waiting to be put in water.

His parents arrive tomorrow morning for 40 days. I'll say no more.

We stopped at the Boutique at the Rink while we were out looking for b'day gifts (scoping for yarn of course) Unfortunately, it opened yesterday and by this evening most of the good stuff is gone... no yarn but I found 2 pairs of needles; a size 10 in white plastic and a size 8 in metal. The 8s will be perfect for school next year :-)
I'm gonna work on getting as many 8s as possible keeps the heat of the chopsticks down, although I've already started collecting for them as well. Can never have too many. I'd like to start a knitting group at school. If my schedule allows that is!

These iris came from the yard. The rhizomes were given to me by our neighbor. I believe they're described as black. The picture doesn't do them justice. They look like velvet.

I finished yet another lizard ridge square last night while watching je t'aime Paris.
And cast on for Shirley's may mid-month cloth KAL that I was previously having some troubles with.. it's going rather well now, I'm happy to say. I'll probably gift it to a dear colleague/friend who just moved to her newly built house.

I also mailed out my Weekly dishcloth KAL out from ravelry. I hope my partner likes her cloth and the skein of Lion Cotton and magnet I sent her. (yes I forgot to take a picture of the goodies... bad blogger, I know!)

I'm hoping to go back to the sale tmrw or Sat (bag day) to look for cashmere or merino to frog and/or white cotton to tie dye for me. (sheets would be good too!) I may pick up a belt while there (I almost did that tonight, but the DC weren't that patient with dear old mom)

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g-girl said...

wow. i love that iris! that was very sweet of your dh to bring you home some sunflowers. :)