Friday, May 23, 2008

FO friday

ok.. not really many but here's what I've gotSquare number 7 for Lizard Ridge in color 156B. Next block up in 40U

and the Mid month KAL for the monthly dishcloth group

Pattern: Every day any day by Sue Schaefer
Yarn: Sugar 'n cream
color: countryside ombre
needle: US6

on a frustrating note, the superdrive in my G4 isn't working.... and my warranty ran out about 5 weeks ago (it wasn't working then either, I just was too lazy to take it to the computer store) so I'm kicking myself in the arse... hope my dear nephew can fix it for me... (with pay of course)


DawnK said...

Those are really pretty. I live the purple-green colorway that you used for the KAL!

That wavy one is cool, too!

g-girl said...

oh didn't mention that your warranty ran out and the superdrive wasn't working then either! :P