Thursday, May 15, 2008

short projects

are flying off the needles.

Pattern: Garter slip stitch dishcloth by Monika
Yarn: Lily's Sugar 'n Cream
Colors: Hot Blue and Hot Green
Needle: US6
Recipient: ravelry dishcloth swap partner

This has become my new favoirte 2 color cloth to knit. It's fast and easy and I love the nubby textrue it creates. I think it will be really good for washing dishes (or bodies) Actually I've started my second tonight in a colorway that matches the cloth below, but I'm tweaking the pattern in just one little area.....will post more about that later.

Pattern: Mason Dixon Ballband cloth
Yarn: Elmore Pisgah Peaches and Cream
Colors: Persimmon and Tea Rose
Needle: US6
Reciepient: Darlene

This is the first ballband that I've actually made correctly. I discovered that I had been knitting them with a mistake up until now (knitting all 4 rows of the bricks... such a dummy head!)

Tomorrow I am chaperoning our third graders (with many others) to Quiet Valley. Usually I never get to go on field trips but the one teahcer recently had eye surgery and still can't see out of one eye, so it's really not safe for her to go and be in charge. Instead, she'll be teaching my classes and I'll be chaperoning her kids. I love quiet Valley, so it's hardly a hardship for me to do this, even though it is mth easiest day of the week for me, until after Memorial Day that is. But I can spend the day knitting, while on the bus both ways and when the folks are lecturing in each building. I'm really excited about goin.

I took some pictures of the iris in the garden today so that my mom could see the them (since they came from her garden originally. There is one that is all white with lavendar at the edges that I want a ictuer of, but the sun didn't cooperate and the picture is a bit washed out. I'll try again tmrw. It's really pretty.

My own kids have decided that they want to sell their artwork in order to save for a Nintendo DS...I don't have the heart to tell them that they probably won't sell

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