Saturday, May 17, 2008


I was chaperone to a class of 3rd graders on their field trip yesterday. The first field trip I've done in 21 years of teaching and I hope the last. There were instances of rude behavior (which I'll deal with the next time I have them in class) and we found out on the way home that one of the kids shoplifted from gift shop. (That was dealt with as soon as we got back to school). The classroom teacher had recently had eye surgery and they thought it would be better if she stayed home (since she can't see out of her one eye) The field trip was at Quiet Valley which is a lot of walking around outdoors and of course it rained the entire day. I'd have great pictures, but none of them really came out well, much to my chagrin.

Dad's celebration is tomorrow. I volunteered to put together a little poster of pictures to jog folks memories. I'm using this picture for the center of a tri-fold.

Have to get everything printed as I didn't want to cut apart or used the original photos as many of them are really old. So I scanned them all.... which also gives me the benefit of having them stored on my computer. Hope it turns out the way it is in my head.

The last of the cloths of the tea rose and persimmon combination colorways. This one is the garter slip stitch pattern. Have I said that I love this pattern? Not only how it looks, but also how it feels. And it's a quick knit.
Must. make. more.

So I'm gifting the persimmon and tea rose trio to a dear friend of mine who works at the school where I teach. Thought you might like to see all 3 together.

Last night finished another block of Lizard Ridge in color 185D

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g-girl said...

i just might have to try this garter slip stitch cloth. I like how it looks too! :)