Sunday, May 25, 2008

happy memorial day.

time to get out the American flag, I suppose... take down the pointsettia... what will Mrs. M say? LOL

We spent Sat evening and all day today with our dear friends in Plainsboro. In the afternoon, we took all the kids to a park nearby and in the park were many trees. On one tree were many flowers (I know this sounds like the rattlin' bog song... I promise it stops soon) which were falling off the tree along with at least a pair of leaves and hitting me in
the head. I brought some home to photograph so I could determine what kind of tree it was. So I've posted a picture of the flower and the leaf as well. If you can help me in my search, thanks!

I finished Lizard Ridge square 8. It's really pretty.

I'm becoming addicted to knitting this thing. As soon as I bind off, I want to cast on a new square. I think it's going to be so incredibly beautiful when it's all finished.

I had to rip back on Rachel's cloth KAL, cuz I goofed up something in the lace. That's what I get for trying to knit lace when talking to family. So I cast on another garter slip stitch cloth for the way home and am about 40% through it. This one will be gifted to another colleague who seemed a bit pouty about my last gifting. Seems more of my friends than I realize like to wash their dishes with homemade cloths. ;-)

Have to post these gorgeous iris pics. We had a stormy week and my garden iris were beat up. So rather than let them die rain trodden on the ground, I cut them off and brought them indoors to decorate a bit. I think this small one is a Japanese iris, it's a volunteer that every year gets more blooms...
Love it! The other 2 are bearded iris that were gifted to me from my next door neighbor (who can also enjoy them while they are in my garden!)

DD had a school project to interview a character from a book she read and make a face of that character. She chose the some Barbie character from Mermaidia (not that book but one in that series) and here she is being that character for her interview:

I leave you with more flower pictures... happy crafting on memorial day. Make something for a vet!


Jorah said...

You wrote: My dad served in the Aleutian Islands during WW2.

(That's where my dad was, too! Wouldn't it be amazing if they had ever met each other?)

Susan Mrenna said...

Your mystery tree is a Tulip Poplar. Pretty, aren't they? Susan

g-girl said...

cool flower. it makes me think of orchids. gosh, i love seeing your new lizard ridge squares! I can't wait to see it finished.