Friday, May 09, 2008

rainy days

make me want to sleep.

I finished mom's mother's day gift, but I know she checks the blog, so I can't post any info about it until Sunday evening... but suffice it to say, it's cute!

This afternoon I spent some time on the wool room. I've dubbed it that because it's the unfinished room in the basement where I store all my yarn, fiber and sweaters to be frogged. There's some acrylic and tons of cotton in there as well (and fabric....and toys) and of course the furnace. It needs some more TLC, but it looks so much better in the corner already. I have some more ideas, just need time without the man to accomplish it.

The boys bedroom floor received it's last coat of polyurethane this morning. I can't wait until we move their furniture in. DH bought DS2 a new mattress yesterday, just like the other 2 have. He forgot that my friend had one for us to use. At any rate, their mattresses are better than ours and I'd trade beds with any of them in a moment's notice.

Tuesday was National Teacher Day. Of course it was the longest day in the year for me because of the concert, but all week the PTO has had little nice surprises for us. Monday it was a red delicious apple, Tuesday was a luncheon, Wednesday was this flower, yesterday was a Nestle crunch bar and today was ice cream. Beautiful begonia isn't it?

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