Wednesday, May 07, 2008

we can make a difference

was the concert theme. Here are just a few shots from the evening. Unfortunately, I don't have one of the infamous duo performing Ripple for the boss.

This is the group shot of the chorus on the stage. It's a bit dark but you get the idea. These are all the shirts that we dyed last Monday... it's a bucketload, no?
I'm really proud of these kids. It was a huge concert. Lasted almost 60 minutes and they did it all from memory. Of course there were some moments, but that's what makes education so much fun. You never really know exactly what you'll get. These are a great group of kids though... and I love them in their own special way.

This is our presentation of the monies we raised to the American Cancer Society representative. How 'bout that check?

And the dynamic duo and their immediate bosses. What motley crüe

I'm beat... I gotta sleep

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