Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Yesterday was opening day

And I did open my puffy and intended to post last night, but plans were changed for me. Anyway here is the picture of my puffy package from my great partner, Ruth in Ohio. A birdhouse, and the pattern is from the book, Melissa's Garden. I really love the cloth. It's also knitted so beautifully! Along with the cloth was included a magnet with a bird and birdhouse (too perfect for that cloth) and a calendar that I can carry along in my bag. Brought me a bit more of spring :-) Thanks again Ruth... I love my goodies

This is the cloth I sent her. I included a little notepad as well but didn't take a picture of that. The pattern is Lacy Waves by Alli Barrett and I found it as part of the dishcloth calendar addendum. It's a blue and white ombre that I forget the name of. Knit on #7 needles

I started putting the blanket together today. I have one strip done.. I brought 2 home to work on (in the slight case I could find ANY free time) I still have 2 bathmats to finish... and of course the tie and poncho and a dishcloth from Rachel's KAL.
I was spinnning for about 20 minutes yesterday. It seems as though if I keep my hands really close together and peddle faster but let it in slower, there is less breaking. If I only had a decent chunk of time to work on that.

OK.. there's far too much work for me to do at home. I'll be lucky to knit or sew 1 stitch tonight!

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