Monday, April 30, 2007

Targhee anyone?

Well I was spinning again Saturday and was a tad more successful. I think that I didn't have enough twist in last week. But I'm still not overjoyed with the result. Here you can see what I accomplished. I wouldn't normally have taken it off the spool yet, but it broke and I couldn't find the end. So.... I have a few very short skeins here. I have plenty of fiber to play with so I'll get it eventually!

This picture may give you a better idea as to how fine I was trying to get the yarn. Please remember I'm spinning on a Louet S10 which isn't known for it's lace spinning. It's more of a medium to bulky weight yarn wheel... go figure I try to do something that's really hard without a high speed whorl!

Here's absorba the great. It's about half done I guess. I'm itching to finish to put it in the bathroom. I tried it there when it was just a bitty square and the colors look great next to the tub! When I work onthe other one (the Lion Brand pattern) that one feels so wimpy in comparison. 2 strands 4 ply versus 3 strands 8 ply.... this mat is appropriately named. They are due for the get stitchy April Showers KAL tmrw... I know neither will be finished. Oh well!

I made something that I think I could use as a stitch marker this week. Let me know what you think! Of course you'll nees to turn your head to the side in order to get the idea!
OK... I should hit the rack now that the yarn nest is untangled and on the skein winder. I'm really beat.

happy crafting


hakucho said...

Your Absorba the Great looks "great".
I love the color and I bet that will be one absorbent bath mat :)

happy knitting :)

Lea said...

I love the Absorba -- you'll have to let me know what you think once your using it. I've been so tempted to make one myself. I'm curious how hard it is to knit w/ 3 strands of 8ply?

The stitch marker looks beautiful! I love the color (that color blue is one of my favorites!) and the snowflake at the bottom is so cute! :-D The only suggestion I might give. Sarah found a type of ring for the top that has a solid join. It works wonderfully for stitch markers -- it doesn't catch as much as the typical ones. You should find out where she found them!

And the targhee looks really good. You aren't giving yourself enough credit! What's the wpi?

BTW, if you are getting annoyed about the lower ratio, Louet has a 15:1 bobbin that's not too bad in price (take a look at the woolery sale email I sent). And that's the ratio I'm using on my Rose to get some ~50 wpi singles (it's kinda hard to tell at that size :-D)! If you remember the 2 oz of pomegranite I did, that was using 15:1 ratio. The plying took a little longer (I should have switched to the highest ratio, but it would have required switching out a piece, and I was lazy). So you could probably do it w/ your Louet if you wanted!


g-girl said...

love the stitch marker! :)