Saturday, April 14, 2007

Who has time?

OK.. I have 2 cloths done but no pictures. I have started (finally) the April KAL at Get Stitchy called April Showers. I wanted to do the bath mat in the MDK book but don't have double worsted cotton and couldn't see the joy of holding and knitting with 6 strands of 4 ply regular worsted so I've saved that project for later. Instead I'm using a mix of Peaches and Cream and Sugar and Cream both in beige. to knit the Nana's Bathmat from Lion Brand. I'll do a varigated beige and white for the edges... boring colors I know but the bathroom in the basement is beige and grey, so.....

I'm feeling very tired and sore today... I think I'm fighting off a bug. DH took DS1 to a birthday party for one of his pre-school buddies and DD went along. DS2 is asleep on my lap. I still have a messy kitchen house to clean and income taxes to finish....

Tonight we are going to dinner at the Apollo Grill with a bunch of people from Moravian College music department and a special guest with her husband and caregiver. For some reason one of the FT faculty had an idea to do concerts this year with the theme "Music in the Time of War" DH is the conductor of the Women's chorus and they are performing tomorrow afternoon a concert of music that the women in the POW camp in Sumatra performed during their interment. It's all orchestral music arranged for women's voices without text... The whole story is explained in the book Song of Survival and the resulting film Paradise Road starring Glenn Close... a truly inspiring true tale of how music can touch lives and help keep sanity in times of great duress. Anyway, the special guest at this dinner is one of the survivor's of the camp. It should be interesting.
Now if I could only find a sitter so I can go to the concert!

While arranging for a sitter for this dinner (on the phone), the 3 cherubs were in the family room (in the basement) watching Harry Potter and the goblet of fire when of course what do they see..... a spider, one by one, they came flying up the steps screaming about this spider and how I had to get it. By the time I got off the phone and down there, it was nowhere to be seen. I'm sure in their little minds, it was as large as the spider that speaks in the movie.

The spinning/knitting front is very slow going these days. Too much work and family interferes with time for my latest passions. I have to get moving on the squares for the school project as well. I've been calling them in from the kids to get a count on how many we have. I think some kids absconded with yarn and needles to make stuff for their own agendas... sigh!

I promise some pictures later if not today, definitely tomorrow.
Happy crafting

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hakucho said...

I don't think I would enjoy knitting with 6 atrands of peaches and cream either :(

happy knitting :)