Sunday, May 06, 2007

It's FINISHED!!!!!!!!!

Hot off the needle. The last stitches are sewn and the ends woven on the blanket for Warm Up America :-D Celebrate with me that this project is complete.

Yarn: Mostly Caron Simply Soft
Pattern: Generally Garter Stitch
Needle: Approximately size 8, generated from chopsticks
Knitters: 46 S. S. Palmer Elementary School students, a 4th grade teacher and myself

I can't wait for them to see it! It will be on display for the building's art show on Thursday late afternoon. The kids are already so excited just from seeing the 'squares' and then the strips that were finished. Wait till they see the whole thing.


Telmah said...

Wow what a happy project! I love the colors, and that combined with all those happy 4th graders, the whole thing just oozes good will. What an accomplishment. Congrats

g-girl said...

it looks amazing!! those kids are going to be SO proud of themselves and will probably want to make another blanket! you should be proud too! ;)

hakucho said...

Wow, you and your knitting kids out did yourselves. They(and you) should be very proud of their accomplishment! That is one lovely (and warm) blanket :)

happy knitting :)

monica said...

I think it is wonderful that elementary kids helped with that. It looks wonderful, warm and cheery.