Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm too smart for my own good LOL

It was Diane... and I have to show you what I got:

The cloth is a pattern by Rachel called Lacy Butterfly and one that I had not yet made! DD loves it as I knew she would. The little gingerbread boy is made from beeswax... LOVE it and a Kashi bar.... mmmmm mmmmm It hasn't hit the stomach yet though. I'm saving it.

The really cool thing is Diane told me this was the first thing that she has knit completely continental.. YO k2tog and all.... I'm so lucky... Thanks a bunch!

Well I was spinning on Patti's Ashford Drop Spindle today (as well as Saturday) and now I need to empty it. I'm thinking of using this wool for either 1. Wool Jacket for DS2 (if there's enough) 2. Small Rug or 3. Felting it into either a purse or a bowl. I'm spinning it on the chunky side of thick and thin. The wool definitely isn't soft... not for wearing next to the skin at least. It's Lincoln Longwool... But the colors are so pretty! I guess it all depends on how much yardage I wind up with.

So tell me what do you think it should become???

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Lea said...

Wow -- I love the exchange package! That washcloth is beautiful. Any chance of getting a copy of the pattern? Cassie loves butterflies. Great job on the spindle spinning. I'm impressed on how much wool you got on that spindle! It looks great. Is that the same one that you sent me a sample of? It had a great variety of colors, but in the picture that one looks so much darker. As for what to make? I'm partial to the coat idea. But if you don't have enough, I'd do the purse. It'd be lovely for winter...