Thursday, May 10, 2007

We made the news

well the local news at least. The Morning Call did a story on the blanket... that is on display as a part of the school's art show today. The article in the real paper was a bit more in depth both about the project and the art show, but this link gives you an idea.

It should be in the other local paper either Saturday or Monday as well.. then it gets shipped off to help keep someone warm. Although, with the weather we've been having of late, I can't even imagine needing a blanket. Last night I was so hot all night... and it's humid too blech!

I also finished up some goodies to include with my puffy for the monthly dishcloth KAL exchange. DD helped me with one item. I'll post the picture after I'm sure my partner has received her package.

OK... tons of school work to do. Wish sleep was on the menu for tonight


hakucho said...

Congratulations! You and your kids deserve's a wonderful joint project and it turned out great :)

happy knitting :)

g-girl said...

congrats on becoming famous. ;)