Monday, May 14, 2007

Drop spinning, anyone?

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers that might be reading this. Mother's Day brought me the motherlode of drop spindling! DH and DC gifted me with not one but 2 lovely drop spindles.

The first is the Hound spindle from Greensleeves spindles in purpleheart whorl with a kingwood shaft. It's a real beauty. The picture above is the model only, not my spindle. Mine is in different woods. I'll post pictures of the spindles at a later date.

The second is from Tom Golding and is the Tree of Life whorl. Again this isn't a picture of my exact spindle but one just like it.

They both spin like a dream. Although I had very little time to play with them. My school concert is, well, tonight actually.
I am still finishing up some last minute touches, doing some laundry and getting stuff together for the AM. I'll go to school sans children tomorrow. DH is finished at the colleges, so he'll have kid duty. It'll make my day run much easier I believe. So if you're thinking of nothing at 6:30 - 8:00 PM, think of me... I'll be working my tail feathers off. I hope enough parents come out to help me push and pull the kids off the stage. Hope we have a decent audience as well.

More later on the spinning... I'm grinning really big here :-)


hakucho said...

Lucky you getting not 1, but 2 drop spindles. They are beautiful :)

happy spinning & knitting :)

Lea said...

So cool! TWO spindles :-D. They both look really nice. I'm actually curious which you end up liking better? I'm sure that it'll take a bit before you figure that out.

Hope the Concert went well and that things are calming down a bit now that it's over!

g-girl said...

i really like the tree of whorl drop spindle--very cool! I hope the concert went well!

Becky said...

Wow! Beautiful spindles. I am sooo jealous. :)

P.S Thanks for stopping by my blog. I lost all my bookmarks in a lightning strike about a month ago. I'm glad I found you again.