Thursday, May 03, 2007

is it lace weight?

This is what I've been slowly working on... not too successfully either I might add. It's a real change for me to spin this thin... add to that the fact that the staple on this Targhee is much shorter than the Romney that I've been used to of late... Note that the width of the yarn is about the same as one of the columns on the picture of the Lincoln Memorial on the back of the penny. So what weight is that?

Other than that, 5 of the 7 strips are sewn together. The blanket WILL be finished by the weekend. I'll post pictures of it when it's all said and done (and hanging on the wall at the art show at my school)

This crafter is hanging up the hat soon. Absorba the great pattern had to be tweaked a bit, but I'll add those details when I post the finished product.

DD got a great mid trimeseter report today. I'm so proud of her... I'm thinking she loves that school, cuz she's really blossoming this year.

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