Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lotsa stuff

First, Absorba the Great is complete! A tad late for the April Showers Get Stitchy KAL. Here he is:

Pattern: Absorba the Great from the Mason Dixon book
Yarn: Peaches and Cream double worsted triple stranded
Colors: White, Ecru and Varigated Green
Needle: Size 15 Knit Picks Options set

As you can see the greens bring out my turquoise bathroom fixtures.... Gotta love the 50s!

Next up is what I sent my pal from the Monthly DIshcloth Spring Exchange. I've been waiting to post until I know it was received and I got a mail yesterday that she loved it. So without further ado:

Cloth Pattern: Ladybug from
Yarn Used: Lily's Sugar and Cream
Color: Red
Needle: Size 7 Bamboo

Wooden Ladybug magnet - made from wood cut out at Michael's
Stitch Markers: Made by me :-)

Fortunately, I knew that red was Barbara's favorite color. Little did I know that she collected I really lucked out on that one. I'm glad you like it Barbara.

I can't wait to see what my pal sends me! It isn't an exchange in that you send to the same person who sends to you. You send to someone and they send to someone else... so that someone different mails to you. You get to meet 2 people in this exchange!

And finally the last post about the Warm Up America blanket. I wanted to post a picture with all the kids that partook in knitting part or all of a square.
Sorry that it's a tad dark, but it's the picture that will be in the yearbook. I needed my wide angle lens to get everyone in and the hallway that it was displayed in was pretty thin, which added to the difficulty in taking the picture.

And the last one is of the actual display at the art show. My friend, the art teacher, amazingly cuts out letters for bulletin boards free hand... She is an incredible art teacher. I wish I could show all the art work that was beautifully displayed throughout the entire building. It really is a sight to behold!

Happy Crafting!


g-girl said...

so many awesome things in this post! first off, absorba looks great. (lol!) who cares if it isn't april anymore, it's done! :) the ladybug cloth, stitchmarkers, and magnet you made for your swap partner are all so cool! I knew you'd find some time to make some stitchmarkers! ;) Thanks for sharing a pic of all the students that helped make that awesome blanket that got you all in the paper. ;) your art teacher friend can cut out letters freehand?? amazing! I wish you could've posted pics of all the art too! oh well.

hakucho said...

Your absorba looks great on your tub...perfect color!

happy knitting :)

Lea said...

I love the absorba. But how was it working with so many strands at once? I know even two usually drives me crazy. I'm constantly untwisting the yarn!

Very cute washcloth. Yet another pattern I'd love to get! :-D