Thursday, May 03, 2007

eye candy from Uruguay

Just wanted to post a couple of pictures of my latest acquisition. 100purewool. Purewool isn't known for it's exactness in dye. The pictures on the website frequently are not what you receive. Nevertheless, the stuff is so soft I want to roll in it! After each I'll post the picture that they have on their website for you to compare yourself.

2 skeins of single ply worsted weight black 218 yards each

2 skeins of single ply worsted weight in the candy colorway 218 yards each. This is the yarn that DD chose from a picture but when it arrived, doesn't have enough pink to suit her.

3 skeins single ply worsted weight in the giotto colorway 218 yards each

My first lace weight - single ply 950 yards each. On the left is the choir colorway and on the right lace violet.

And last but not least 10 luscious skeins of worsted 3 ply 218 yards undyed. It should pill much less than the single ply. :-)

So there you have it. Decide for yourself how accurate the pictures are to the stuff IRL....

happy crafting


hakucho said...

Wow, that's a huge amount of beautiful new yarn you got...can't wait to see what you knit :)

happy knitting :)

Lea said...

I am so jealous that you got the 3 ply! BTW, I was wondering. It look like it's 3 strands of the lace? It seemed to make sense that they'd do it that way... I was almost tempted to try spinning some of the laceweight into a 3-ply to see...

And, I had to crack up again -- did you notice the color on the laceweight dyed yarn I posted the other day (I got it from the other PW co-op)? It was Choir! :-D

I love the other colors you picked -- especially the Giotta. Is it as pretty in real life as it looks in the pics?

Hope all is well!


Spiffy Knits! said...

I love the Giotto, too! How did I miss that colorway? I had to pass on the last co-op, but next time, I am going to get a good number of crudo to try my hand at dyeing! Yum!

OK -- back to my Jaywalkers!