Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In the news again!

We're in the paper again. This time the very local paper. With a great article and picture of the kids that would fit as well as the teachers (I'm the one in the back) Here's the link

The concert is done.... I'm so relieved and exhausted. It was SRO and both big parking lots were filled with people that were parked on the grass. It was at the district's high school so the auditorium sits about 800. Of course that's the barometer of a good program to many people in the area... not me, but... and there won't be another one like it. It's crazy, insane amount of headache for one person to deal with. The kids had a great time though and that made it worthwhile.

Well Absorba the great is almost finished. Hopefully by the weekend. Wish I had more time for spinning on my lovely new spindles.... summer is coming though :-)

Happy crafting


hakucho said...

Congratulations on being in the news again. That's wonderful and I bet the kids are enjoying it :)

My son's school had pop's night last night with the 3 H.S. bands, string orchestra, 3 jazz bands and 2 chorus groups being featured. It was wonderful. Last week was the middle school concert. Next performance will be the memorial day parade for both of them. Can't believe this school year is almost over :)

g-girl said...

yay, for being in the local paper this time..and with a photo! :) Now, why are you all the way in the back when you should be near the front?? glad to hear the concert went well. I'm sure you're glad it's over with and there's only what...about a month left of school?

Lea said...

So cool being in the newspapers -- twice even! It really was a great idea for a project. I just wish they did something like that when I was in high school. Your kids are lucky!