Thursday, January 04, 2007

What FOs?

Well I do have 1!
It's the KAL from the Love2KnitDishcloth party on Dec 29th. I finished it on the 30th but didn't take a picture until tonight.

Pattern: Tami- mod @ Love2KnitDishcloths Yahoo Group
Yarn: Lily's Suger and Cream
Color: Rose Pink
Needle: Size 7 Bamboo

I have 4 different cloths OTN now. One I'll finish tonight I think from the Monthly DIshcloth Group KAL for January. It's still going on but I figured out what the pattern is, so I rather just finish it up and do the dishcloth fun KAL day by day. I think I may use the one from MDC in an exchange. I also have a cloth from the infamous Dishcloth hangups for 2007 on the needles and I still haven't finished the mid-month KAL from the MDG yet. (oops)

My left hand has been giving me some troubles in the thumb joint and frankly it hurts to do those SSK and S2K1PSSO stuff....

DS2 is running a fever for some unexpected reason. I'm thankful that MIL is here to stay with him tmrw so I can go to work.

I found a Superman symbol chart that I'd like to do in a cloth for DS1... I've never worked off a chart before so I hope I'm not too dense with this.

Tmrw I think I'll post a picture of my pathetic knitting library! Well it's a start at least. I've been buying books off ebay when they are a great price, and at Michael's and Joann's with 50% off coupons. I also ordered one from Slowly but surely I'm building a library that I really want.

Today's entry (remember I'm still thinking that it's Wed the 3rd) of the stitch and bitch calendar is for web sightings and it's a goodie Yarn Standards It can help decode yarn labels, figure out sizing and understand yarn weight. Also included is a master list of knitting abbreviations and everything is downloadable as .pdf files, YEAH for the Craft Yarn Council of America


g-girl said...

congrats on your first fo of '07! that dishcloth is cute! I haven't knitted a dishcloth since I did that snowflake illusion one. where'd you find the superman chart? that's awesome! Charts aren't so bad. You just have to remember how to read it..odd rows go from right to left and even rows go left to right. I think that's how it is!

carole said...

it was somewhere in this site
Maybe under cross stitch patterns... sorry I don't remember exactly.
I finished another cloth today.. the Jan KAL for monthly dishcloths.. I recognized the pattern so I finished it early! (sound familiar??)

Thanks for reminding me about the rows. I'll do it in 1 color and just do K on the blue and P on the R... hope it turns out!