Saturday, January 13, 2007

what a great day

Technically it's still my birthday since I was born at 3 something AM.... so I feel like I can still post.
Work was.... well work. Although many of my kiddos (I taught only 6 classes today) wished me a happy birthday and the principal had the banner on congratulating me...

The best part was coming home... Aba had made corn empanadas for dinner and the table was set and everything... with a boquet of flowers waiting for me! The kids were so excited about my presents that they ripped off the paper as well as opening the cards.

The first package was from the ILs and is at the top of the picture. The second package was from DH and the kids and is the bottom half of the picture.

The IL gifted me with a Louët skein winder... which is a very useful accompaniment to my other gift from my dear loved ones., a Louët S10 in natural maple finish. Both were bought at Spunky EclecticThere is a 2 bobbin lazy kate (with bobbins) and 4 0z of Corriedale hand painted roving. I had the Clemes and Clemes carders (since about a month or so)

Of course, I had to get spinning after dinner. I called my friend P cuz I couldn't get the adjustment on the brake so let the fly spin right... she obliged me with a visit and got me going. DS2 decided that he too needed to see what this was all about. All 3 kids are intrigued by this addition to the household and my daughter is DYING to try it out. As of now, I have almost a full bobbin of Fuzzy's fleece spun. I'm feeling the rhythm and feel confident with a bit more practice, my own homespun will be looking mighty fine. Spinning and knitting are running neck and neck in popularity in my book right now.

I have to say this fleece is wonderful. It spins like a dream. I'm so happy with it. I have to remember to purchase her fleece again next year... Speaking of fleeces, I bought a longcoat lincoln off ebay the other day. It's a gray fleece and the price was great. I'm anxious to get it!

I was tagged by the knittorius Mrs B to name 6 wierd things about myself. Well all of my students would tell you that there is plenty wierd about me. Let's see if I can come up with some.

But I'll post them later as I'm falling asleep typing now!

happy crafting

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g-girl said...

corn empanadas, yum!!!!!!!! the flowers are beautiful. and what an awesome goodie you got! can't wait to see pics of how your yarn turns out. :) sounds like you had a fabulous birthday and you totally deserved it too.