Thursday, January 25, 2007

My addition to the KA Dye-along

from the get Stitchy forums.

Last night DS1 and I took a few rolags of Fuzzy and turned it purple. I only had 1 and about 1/2 packets of grape KA so I decided to cheat a bit and add some Wilton's purple from the Blues Clues set. I love how it turned out! There are bits of pink too. Now I have to run out tmrw and buy some more grape so I can finish the purple part of the top.

Today while cooking dinner, I opted for the blue. I put 4 rolags in the bottom of the pot and added 2 packs of Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade.... then put another 5 or 6 rolags on top and added 4 packs of berry blue. This isn't precisely the color I was after... A bit too much yellow for me. I think I'll be cheating and overdying with some Wilton's medium blue from the same Blues Clues gel set. I'll post a picture tmrw of how it turned out!

My idea was to spin them each a sport weight and then ply them together for more of a heavier DK or something... but I want more of a blue to mix with that purple.... so I'll keep working on it!

I have another cloth to post but no picture. I'll get on that later.

I'm going to give a demonstration at DDs school about spinning. Their next unit of inquiry is historical, called 'then and now' about how things have changed... I'm so excited. I have a few weeks to get it all together to plan, but I think it could be a great lesson. (and one to put in my repertoire... although it will only be partly musical, but hey you never know.....)

Late start tmrw at school :-) For severe cold weather. This time I'm sure it's for the kids who are walking. I'll take it. We had a late start last Friday as well. DS2 had a rx to his amoxicillin... at first we thought it was the flu, but the hives are now on his belly. poor kid!

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