Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year

I have no new FO's to show just 3 cloths OTN and of course the never ending poncho that has been sadly neglected. I need to take pictures of my Christmas gifts that were knitting related... but now I'm back to work (boo hoo) so that may take me a day or so. I've decided to frog DH's tie yet again, cuz I'm not loving the way it looks.

DH fessed up that he ordered me a wheel for my birthday (doing the VERY HAPPY dance) so I bought a fleece to get prepared to use when it arrives (the wheel that is.. .which of course I won't get until the 12th... no matter when it comes)

Her name is Fuzzy and she is a Romney. There is 4 pounds of her luciousness with a 5 inch staple and great crimp. I can't wait for her fleece to get here. She comes from Vickie's Raspberry Hollow

OK... enough for now... I'll post better stuff later. And I'm fixing the post with the candy cane and tree cloths to include the info. So check on that one!


g-girl said...

wow! exciting about getting your own wheel!!! I haven't any new fo's for the new year either so don't feel bad!

carole said...

I actually do have one... just no pictre. The in-laws are here until the 21st so I won't be getting as much finished I'm afraid.