Saturday, January 20, 2007

Just the facts

Well the IL went home this evening. DH is still on his way home from the airport.
Yesterday we had some snow in the AM.. and it's been cold. School started late for me but not for DD and for the first time I forgot to take ANY knitting along... so I had to do what they pay me to do all day long HAHA
I've been spinning here and there. I wound a skein up on the ball winder that is about 105 yards long. The blue tinge is from something that was on the raw wool in spots (actually in a localized spot) that P claims was medicine that they put on Fuzzy for some reason. Most of it washed out, but there are remnants. I've since decided that from now on I'll keep that wool/roving separate and dye it before spinning

I finished 2 cloths today. The monthly dishcloth mid-january KAL and Mary's Knitting and Crochet KAL. I'll probably be gifting both of them. Definitely the cable one, to a teacher colleague who expressed a desire to have one. I'll put pictures on after I take them.

I got fluffy mail today. A fellow CD and spinning/knitting mama sent me some samples of different types of roving and top. So kind :-) She included where she purchased each as well... Pictures and details to follow.

Yesterday I got fluffy mail too... Fleece from a Lincoln Longwool lamb from Peaceful Patures in TN. The fleece is incredibly clean of VM... I haven't gone through it all (well not much of it at all in fact) but dug my hands into the bag and every sample I pulled out was unbelievably clean.

Also, I stopped at a farm on the way home from work yesterday to inquire about the fleeces of their sheep. The woman there (whose name is also Carole - although she probably spells it without an -e) raises Suffolk sheep. Now these sheep aren't known for incredibly soft fleeces, but I bought a bag from last years shearing. She sent me up into the barn loft where there were copius amounts of fleece in bags. Mind you... it's FULL of VM and not well skirted at all.. but I bought one nevertheless. I probably could have chosen better, but it was getting dark and the boys were outside so I just grabbed the closest bag. I've yet to really inspect the wool.... that will be at least a week or so away. I still have the rest of Fuzzy to wash and card, and the Lincoln Longwool. I'm also expecting two Targhee fleeces from a purchase in about a week or so.

I've joined a new KAL group. Enid's bookmarks. The KAL started Friday but I haven't had time to dig through the stash fopr sportweight. I know there is some white, so I'll use that, then dip dye the bookmark. Hopefully it will work. I'll do it tmrw.

I leave you with a shot of a lily from my birthday bouquet, just at it's peak.
Happy crafting everyone!

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