Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Personal day

I took one today... DH was soloing with the Bach Choir of Bethlehem for their noonday concert at Central Moravian Church. The program consisted of Bach's 3rd unaccompanied suite for cello and a cantata that was written for New Year's Day.The suite sent me soaring!

Afterwards DH, the ILs and I went to Tortilla Flat for lunch, then stopped at Wired for a latte (at least in ˆmyˆ case). After which I trotted off yet again in the car to pick up DS1 and 2 from daycare. That was kind of the bummer of the day... it was a 40 minute drive each way... times 4, just to have the day free to go to the concert. So that's about 3 hours when you count the time spent loading in and out of the car.

Therefore, I figured I deserved a treat! (yes I know my ears and taste buds both had been already treated, but what about my yarn habit???) Oh did I mention Fuzzy's fleece arrived on Monday in the mail? So I needed some lingerie bags to wash her up. On the way home we stopped at Wally world cuz P had told me they had them for 94¢... alas they didn't, but I bought one Woolite one for almost $4... it's really too nice to do wool in though! But I digress... We stopped at ACMoore because this week all their yarn is 25% off...
I only bought 7 skeins of Lily's Sugar and Cream. I'm looking for a kelly green and really can't find it But I did buy- from top left to bottom right- taupe, yello, bright navy (I know it looks black in the picture), rose pink, over the rainbow ombre, sage green and wine. I also treated the kids to some Thomas engines (they were also on sale) and came home with a surprise for DD - a HUGE princess coloring book. I picked up some items for our Valentine craft for the teachers too, although they didn't have enough magnets. I'll have to stop by again or try Michaels..... what a shame!

So back to Fuzzy... here's her fleece (well some of it at least!)

I washed a bit when I got home cuz I knew I'd be going to P's house to show it off and I wanted to take some that was clean.. plus I was itching to see how she washed up. And voila…

P's friend was there spinning so she spun a bit and it's gonna be great!!!!!!

Speaking of spinning.... I have a picture of the Cotswold that I spun before Thanksgiving. That's some cotswold fleece behind it.. not from the same sheep though. It's better than the peace fleece I did first.. hopefully I'll keep improving.. I think I may swatch up a bit of this to see how it looks!

I sat on a dpn last night and of course broke it.. I have NO idea who put it on my chair... bummer... one of my #7 long bamboo ones that I use for dishcloths. I'll take it to work in the morning and sharpen the two borken pieces... the longer of the 2 will be a bit shorter than my short dpns but still usable for in the round and the shorter end I'll use as a cable needle... live and learn!

OK... nuff of this stuff. I can't wait til Friday when I can get my hands on my birthday present... My fingers are really itching... hope I can get it set up so I can spin that night.

Happy crafting

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