Sunday, January 21, 2007

Pictures, pictures, pictures

As promised from yesterday…in order of completion:

Pattern: 3 Cabled cloth
Mid-Jan KAL from Monthly Dishcloth KAL group
Yarn: Lily's Sugar and Cream
Color: Sunshine
Needle Size: 7

This was quite a different cloth for me. I've been working on cables on the never ending poncho so that wasn't the challenge. But having the cables run right up to the short border, makes it kind of wavy.... I think the border needs to be wider at the top and bottom for the cloth to lay flat.. Just my 2¢ It was fun to use my KP Options kit though... I really love those needles

Pattern: Strawberry-Mary Knitting and Crochet Corner mid-Jan KAL
Yarn: Lily's Sugar and Cream
Color: Red
Needle Size: 7

It took me to read someone else's guess after I finished this to see the pattern, but now it's clearly visible to me. Thanks Mary

Next up is the fiber that I received in some fluffy mail yesterday :-) I love touching it... Can't wait to spin but I need to finish the Romney I have first! Thanks Lea :-)

From left to right:
TOP ROW- Merino Tencel- Ashland bay by Paradise Roving
Polwarth Roving by Spirit Trail Fibers
Brown BFL/Alpaca Cinnamon by Paradise Fibers

MIDDLE - Merino 125 by Little Barn Inc
Merino/Tussah (70/30) Ashland Bay Autumn colorway by Paradise Fibers
Finn Top by Misty Mountain Farm

BOTTOM - California Varigated Mutant top by Little Barn Inc
BFL by Copper Moose
WIldberry Colonial Wool (Ashland Bay) by Copper Moose

They are all very soft but I love the merinos (naturally) but the polwarth is so soft it feels like cotton. I'm thinking it is a cross between polypal and coopwarth sheep but not sure. The BFL is also heavenly. The picture doesn't do justice to these gorgeous fibers. And really they need to be petted to be appreciated :-)

Lastly, my lastest spinning adventure. This represents about 2 bobbins worth. It's 345 yards give or take. Still thick and thin but the overtwist is all but gone. I've learned to slow my foot down and relax through the process. In fact, I relaxed so much Friday night that I fell asleep spinning. I found some of my hair spun in with the wool. Guess it didn't help that it was after 2 AM!

Here it is in it's skein...
I'm wondering if I should pack it away for when I become much better spinner and want to spin thick and thin but can't get it that way anymore. LOL


g-girl said...

the cable cloth looks interesting! I agree with you about the border needing to be wider. Oh well, right? I was trying to figure out what that was in the center of the red cloth. I thought turnip but now that I read that it's a strawberry, I can see it better! I wanted to answer some of your questions on my blog in this comment too! I found the grace for 50 cents at this store that my fiance calls the 'original' Michael's in downtown LA. We haven't been back, we'll have to go again to see what else I can find. It's called Moskatel's. And yes, mittens take SO long and I don't feel like starting the second one. I hate ribbing!!!! gosh, look @ all that fiber you got to spin with!!!

carole said...

Well grace goes for about $4 a skein at the Michaels near me so you got a real steal!

DH wants convertible mittens... UGH! of course I'll oblige him. It makes him happy and keeps the complaints aobut my stash to a minimum

Sarah said...

I loved the wildberry colonial wool - it was my second wheel spinning project.. I don't think it came out too bad ;)

You can see the soaker I made..