Saturday, January 27, 2007

FO and redyed

Here's the blue overdyed with Wilton's icing gel in medium blue with a hint of dark blue (which made the purple) I really love how this turned out and can't wait to spin it!

This is the cloth I finished a few days ago. I have to look to get the info on the pattern. It's cute enough for V-day. I have another shot of it which showcases the hearts better but the color is way off. As promised yesterday the details follow :-)

Pattern: Love Day Cloth
Yarn: Lily's Sugar 'n Cream
Color: Red
Needle: Size 7 Knitpicks Options (have I said I love these needles??)

Happy Crafting


Lea said...

I LOVE the new color. And it will look beautiful with the purple. I can't wait to see the final yarn spun up.

carole said...

thanks. I have a woven Icelandic wool scarf that is those colors... mmm.. I finally finished dying all the wool... I had to recard the purples together cuz they weren't exactly the same. I'll post a pic later of the remains... I have about 16 thick rolags of each.

BTW send me your snail mail addy so I can mail out your box!

hakucho said...

Your valentine's cloth looks great!

I want to learn how to dye yarn...someday. Yours is beautiful :)


Very nice heart cloth. On my To-Do List!