Saturday, December 30, 2006

Out on the town

As I said in my previous post, we went to NYC on Wednesday. On the way there, I knit up a panta for my friend's DD. Knowing that thet prefer acrylic, I made it that way, although I hated the yarn. But it has a soft hand.

Pattern: Panta revisited
Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun
Color: Black
Needle Size: Addis Turbo 8
Pattern changes: none

Comments: It's a very quick knit, but I'd add more to the center. I may use this pattern for a panta in pink wool for DD. I may also decide to try a different pattern.. but this one really moves along quickly!

The purpose of the trip was to take the ILs to see the city at Christmas. I must say, I've never seen so many people in NY except on TV at New Year's Eve. 5th Ave was literally wall to wall people on the sidewalks of both sides of the street, which made it a bit difficult to push a stroller, and also made me nervous with the other 2 kiddos staying up with us. But we fared very well.

First stop, the disney store. The kids had a bit of money from Christmas to spend. DD bought 2 CDs to go with her new player. DS1 chose a power ranger toy (what a surprise) and DS2 a small train with Mickey. The store is enormous and decorated to the hilt, but I have to say I expected more....

Next stop, Rockafeller Center. And an obligatory picture of the tree there. We ate at Rock Center but skipped the trip to the top of the Rock (although I'm sure it would have been spectacular at night with all the Christmas lights) cuz the kids were really quite tired.

Right across the street from the entrance to the center was this gorgeous site. When we first saw it, there was music playing (Carol of the Bells) and the snowflakes came on and off seemingly in accord to the music, like a planned show. I'm not sure if this was the case or not, because later when we saw it, I heard the same music and expected the same show, but all of the flakes stayed lit the whole time. At any rate, it was quite a spectacle!

All the stores were decked to their best and I managed to snap a picture of Cartier all wrapped up for Christmas!

Thursday night we took one of Bill White's Christmas Lights Tourin the Lehigh Valley. We chose Tour #9, Roni's Rocky Road Fudge, because it was closest to home and saw possibly the most decorated house in the entire Valley at 1135 Sunset Drive.
That would be the picture on the left. We also saw the one on the right on this tour as well as many other beautiful lights.

Friday we went to Christmas in Hershey with our friends and their kids, or as DD refers to them 'her cousins'. We arrived early enough ahead of them to take in the really big 3D show, which was great fun, the 'factory tour' and grab a bite to eat before heading to the park. The kids had a great time (as did the adults) and the park was decked out in wonderful light and kisses everywhere.(note the kisses on the tree and the giant kiss on top)

Of course I took along my knitting (that's what this blog is about isn't it?) I worked on a scarf in the car, the recipient was mentioned in a former blog.

Pattern: Curly Purly Dropped Yarnover Scarf
Yarn: Joann Sensations Bellezza Collection Cosetta
Wool Blend-68% wool 32% Nylon
Color: Cosetta Teal
Amount: 50g/117m
Needle Size: 13

The pattern calls for using needles 3 sizes larger than you would use to get a typical knit fabric. Since the label called for a size 11 but the yarn is really on the heavy worsted weight side (of which I may usually use a 9 typically) I chose to use a 13 needle. I think my picture looks fairly close to Marnie's picture in her pattern as far as openness goes. Perhaps a bit more open, but it worked out great for length and only needing 1 skein. Of course I had already purchased 2, and now need to find another project for this wool... maybe it will felt well?

Friday was also the day of the Love2Knit Dishcloth Yahoo group all day party, so I attended for a few hours before we left. I took the KAL with me and tried to knit in the park while waiting for the kids on the rides. This always draws the attention of someone and last night was no exception. An Asian woman came up to me, very interested in what I was doing and wanting to learn.She stood next to me, watching and asking questions while I waited for the kids and their grandmother to get off the train ride. It really was a bit too cold for my hands to knit though. I'll have to make fingerless gloves for the next time I want to try that. Actually they would be great to have so I can knit on door duty at school now that the weather is finally turning cold here in PA.

If I don't post tmrw, I wish all of you a very happy and healthy New Year full of fun crafting!


Sandra said...

What is a panta? It looked to me a little like a headband, but thought I'd ask.

carole said...

it is, I believe, Finnish for headband. I found a pattern on discussions. It's wider than a typical headband though and covers your ears... so kind of a cross... hat without covering the whole head... (as I ramble on and on.....) has a pattern for one in the latest edition but it's called something else