Monday, December 11, 2006

Time flies

and the more you need to do, the faster it goes!

Today's sermon (well technically yesterday's) was about advent. Taking the time to prepare for the Lord's birth and worrying less about the 'earthly' preparations that we all do. My husband had just spoken to me about this Saturday before we parted company (just for the day.....) His wisdom was, we get done what we can but don't let it interfere with enjoying the holiday and all it means.. he is way wiser than I!

I'd love to upload pics but it's too late, so I'll do that either Monday evening after class or Tuesday evening (the man is home Tuesday this week YEAH!!!!!!!)

But here's the week in a nutshell... FO's 2 cloths. One almost finished. CO.. Mason Dixon felted nesting baskets. I'm closing up the first (started with the middle size... don't ask me why!) Knitted a bit (and I mean a tiny bit) on the necktie It seems as though I've made nothing.

Well last Sunday were Moravian College Vespers. What a great service and I have such wonderful memories of my days as an undergrad there. So DD and I went to hear the choirs (DH's women's chorus was outstanding.. as usual) He brought her home and I went to play HO HO all the way up in Bath to find a Batman computer for DS1. That was the only Radio Shack in the area that had it and they had ONE... but I wound up saving about $35 from the online price, not to mention not needing to pay shipping!

Monday was grocery shopping after work with the entire family... what a treat!
Tuesday we were here doing the normal family stuff. DH had his rehearsal. The rest of the week seemed the same, but the evenings really fly. Until we get home, eat, clean up, do homework and in bed, I'm beat!

Friday night my dear friend and I took our kids (4 in total) to Christkindlmarkt. We didn't get there until 7 and the darn thing closed up shop at 8! I could have stayed about 30 minutes more even with the kids. I bought MIL a little gift for Christmas from a woman who uses roving around styrofoam and pipe cleaners to make ornaments. Some she has extra stuff added to for a cute scene. I'll post pictures of what I got after she receives her gift. So darn cute though. Got myself one as well :-) There was also a very nice woman there from near Harrisburg who spins and was selling her handspun, but she also knits and was selling felted hats and purses as well as felted möbius baskets (small ones) Nice stuff. I talked with her a good long time about what she recommended for a spinning wheel. She confirmed my belief that I really do want a Louet... so I'll just be patient until the time is right. She has 2 Louets and loves them both!

Saturday was parent observation day at dance class. So I was happy to watch DD in both ballet and jazz. It did cut into the knitting time though because I needed good shots for DH to see. He was at gymnastics with the boys! But there is no dance now until after the holidays. The company performs the Nutcracker this coming weekend. In the afternoon we went to Plainsboro for a birthday party, and spent the night there. DH had to stay home because of vespers at Moravian. It was so great to see our buddies... the kids had a blast and so did I! Thank you again!!!!!!

DD lost her second tooth today! So exciting and it's been long in coming. She wouldn't let me pull it out. It was just hanigng by a thread. When she burshed it came out on her toothbrush. The tooth fairy was here already and left her 2 gold dollars. THe other excitement of the dya wasn't nearly as fun... mom's stupidity driving earned her a ticket in NJ. I hope the points don't transfer!

OK.. Promise I'll plst pics soon. My class tonight (Monday) is a basket making class. I hope I don't fair too poorly!

Happy Crafting!

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