Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Here's the hat!

with my adorable husband in it!

Pattern: Code 88 Hat
Yarn: 100purewool worsted weight merino
Color: chocolate fantasia
Needle size: Addi Turbo #6 and bamboo dpns in a 6

Code 88 is morse code for XO ---•• Amanda translated this as K3 P2. The hat starts with 120 stitches with clever decreases. It's a quick knit, but I needed to write out the decrease section because something that I did was wrong. Of course I continued until the end and said ARGH!!!!! frogged it back to where the decreases start and did it again from my re-instructions. If anyone would like them, let me know and I'll send them your way.

Amanda also has instructions for a swirly decrease on the pattern but I thought that might be a bit too girly! The decrease looks better in a solid color but DH picked this yarn for his hat... it's oh so soft!

hopefully I'll have something to post later this evening!

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Amanda said...

Hey that looks great! Sorry to hear you had decreasing problems, glad you worked it out. I think the color looks great, and that's quite the mischievous grin... Glad you enjoyed the pattern.