Monday, December 18, 2006

Santa goes to school

I should be knitting or sewing instead of blogging, but here is a picture heavy post of gifts for DD's teachers.

We made the gingerbread houses today (well technically yesterday) Pix of those for Monday night.

I have pre and post felting of the Mason Dixon nesting baskets

I made the medium, large and I figured an extra large size. Why? Originally they were going to be 3 different greens. The two in the picture and another lighter green... but then I got to thinking.. hmmm I have some recycled red that could look really nice as a Christmas set with the two darker greens.. but I had already made the medium colored green in the medium size... and I couldn't have the red be on the outside, thus conceiving the larger size. The 2 greens look very close on my monitor but there really is a difference between them shade wise!

Wool: XL and M Basket (greens)- From ebay ithacaisginger
L Basket (red)- Recycled shetland from a GAP sweater

Weight: medium worsted (even though the pattern calls for lamb's pride bulky) doubled
Needle: 10
Gauge: ?? Never bothered to check
Pattern: Mason Dixon Knitting book

The smallest basket is filled with Hershey's milk chocolate peanut butter filled nuggets, mainly because of the red foil, but I may switch it to Christmas colored Hershey kisses instead.

The rest is all but 3 of the cloths with their accompanying soaps.

This is all of them together. I have one on the needles yet (a Christmas tree) and one to make (an illusion candy cane) and I have appropriate soaps for them as well. I'll post pictures of them when I finish.

There are 2 of these illusion snowflakes. I like this one so much, I'll have to make it for home as well.

There are 2 of this snowman. He's a cutie! The other soap has a red hat on the snowman.

And there are 2 of this snowman as well.

I made 2 of these, but one was already gifted to the dance teacher last Saturday, so it's not included in the picture.

And last but not least is the product as it will be presented to the special area teacher.

Hopefully she (or in the PE teacher's case, he) won't think it's too cheesy. There's a poem on the back that Andi from Monthly Dishcloth KAL shared with us. I put it on so that they would know what it was. Not everyone uses knitted cloths....But I have DH loving them for dishes now. He is a cloth convert from the sponge... I'm so happy!!!!!

OK, need to fold clothes and get some sleep... I have so much knitting to do this week, plus my school concert and an in-school carol sing with over 700 kids... YIKES....

Happy crafting, especially to you last minute makers (like me!)


hakucho said...

Your felted boxes turned out wonderful! The red covered candy looks great in the green box...nice contrast. Your other cloths are quite lovely as well. Think you're going to have lots of very happy recipients!

happy knitting :)

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Anonymous said...

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g-girl said...

everything looks wonderful! the felted boxes, the dishcloths with matching soaps (very nice touch by the way!!!) sorry I haven't been around. For some reason I didn' thave you saved in my bloglines (like I thought I had!) but you're there now. :) yay!!

kweaver said...

The cloths paired with the snowmen soaps are so cute they hurt my eyes. What a fantastic gift!