Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Down to the wire

Monday DS1 had his preschool Christmas party. The kids each had one name to buy for. Santa was there and gave out the gifts and they got an ornament for the tree to bring home to mom and dad with their picture. Too cute.
Anyway, my middle baby decorated a gingerbread house to share with his friends. He's usually such a brute, but watching him put on the gum balls and window decorations and the sprinkles was really touching. He was so meticulous and I think it turned out great. The only thing I did was put the icing where he told me to. The rest was his creation!

The cloths for DDs teachers are finally complete! I had to stay up late because she has art on Wednesday and she wanted to take the candy cane illusion cloth for her art teacher.

Pattern: Candy Cane Illusion
Yarn: Lily's Sugar and Cream
Colors: Red, White
Needle Size: 7

Pattern: Knitted Christmas Tree Cloth
Color: Green
Needle Size: 7

I had my elementary chorus concert tonight (Tuesday) and I am so proud of the work that they did. One little girl came sick and wound up not being able to make it through the concert, but she was such a trooper for trying. Those kids always amaze me.....makes it all worthwhile

Goodnight and happy crafting


g-girl said...

oh, your brute of a son did a wonderful job on that gingerbread house! My sister has that same one and she's going to work on one tonight (after her last final. I love how the candy cane illusion cloth came out. I was going to make that but am holding out! the xmas tree looks great too and I'm SO glad you finally finished them. :) yay!!!!!!!!

carole said...

I'm so glad too... when do I have time to breathe you asked b4? I don't sleep... take note of my posting times! I hope we can finish the Monthly KAL tmrw cuz I want to give it as a gift on Friday!
I think I'll sleep all day on the 26th! I'll need the week off to recover from all the knitting LOL