Saturday, December 16, 2006

I've crossed the Mason Dixon line

and finished the felted trio of baskets. They are drying as I type. I have to say, they look great. I'd be very happy if someone gifted me with them! I'll post pics tmrw.

Today was quite busy. I was finishing up playing HO HO... got the kids stocking stuffers, and did the baby's stuff as well as shopping for gifts that my folks can give the kids. And finished our secret pal (family) gifts... one of which was very difficult to find anything on the list save gift cards (I hate doing that unless I really need to)

So I need to finish the cloths for DD to give to her teachers... she picked out a tree and an illusion candy cane. Right now I'm working on the second illusion snowflake. I'd like to do one for my friend as a cup of joe... and a few for me and MIL as well and maybe one for my SIL.... not asking too much right.

I think I'll make my MIL a felted bowl. I found a free pattern on the net today and have some nice lopi downstairs I could use, or some really sharp looking brown tweed... or then again I just hit the motherlode on Patons from Joanns. It was on sale for 3.99 a skein and I get free shipping... guess I could use some of that!

I still need to make mom her present and the Panta for Magster, and a cloth for DD and DS1... Did I hear that Christmas was postponed until Jan 6?

We (the older 2 DC and I) put more on the tree today... ti's starting to fill up. We'll do some more tmrw and leave it go at that.

Well I better stop typing and start knitting.

Happy crafting everyone!

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g-girl said...

you are just a knitting machine!!! when do you have time to breathe?? ;)