Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas

Some pictures of how some of the gifts were presented:

I also gifted the LTK felted mocs from a previous post

And some others of the ones I finished the day before Christmas Eve which was a bit too close for comfort considering we exchange gifts on Christmas eve.

First, dad's hat

Pattern: Knitty's Coronet
Yarn: Lamb's Pride
Color: Oatmeal
Needle size: 8 Addi's then bamboo dpns

Since dad doesn't particularly like wool, I lined it with soft fleece from Joann's fabric. It should really keep him toasty warm should he venture out this winter. That is if the weather ever gets cold here in PA!

Next MIL felted basket:

Pattern: Felted Bowl Free Pattern
Yarn: Homespun that I had in my stash... no I didn't spin it.
Color: Brown with slubs of yellow and dark brown
Needle size: 10.5

Since the pattern called for lopi light doubled and this yarn was a lighter weight than that I sized down the needles from a 13 to a 10.5 I also didn't switch colors as cinnamonamon directs you to do. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out

And last but not least a pocket tissue cozy for FIL:

Pattern: Karrie's knitted tissue cover
Yarn: Lamb's Pride
Color: not sure cuz there was just a small ball of it... army green?
Needle size: 8

This is based on a modified linen stitch over 6 stitches instead of 2. A very quick knit. FIL uses those little packs of tissues all the time, so I thought he might enjoy it and if he doesn't it's not a huge loss to me in both yarn or time.

I still owe my mom felted slippers and DH a tie. I finished his hat just minutes ago but don't have a picture to post. I'll do that tmrw. I also need to start the Panta for my friend's daughter. I hope that is a quick knit for tomorrow as well.

The kids had a great Christmas. DD realized that by only asking for 4 gifts she made out very well.... some crafty things too! We're working on a doll she started Christmas day, and today she and DS1 made sand art... cute stuff.

Santa was good to me as well. I'll post pictures later, but KnitPicks was in the loot!

I got my Dishcloth calendar in the mail today. Can't wait to start on some of the goodies in that one

Oh I almost forgot! I have pictures of the adorable wool ornaments I bought at Christkindlmarkt a few weeks ago. MIL got hers yesterday so I can post the picture for you all to see!

The Santa is mine. I gave her the snowman and the little lamb. I couldn't resist. Also in the background is my handspun peace fleece.

Well it's time for bed. Happy crafting everyone!


g-girl said...

the pocket tissue cover is really cool! I like the color. It kind of looks like a big leaf!

carole said...

Thanks I thought it was cool too... but sadly, he doesn't use it... oh well. Guess he doesn't think it's cool :-(