Saturday, April 05, 2008

sick kid

poor ds2. he had a busy day... gymnastics then home for lunch and then to the park with friends and their house for dinner. DH and I went to pick him up and at about 8 he crawled up into my lap and fell asleep... short time after, I was showered with his dinner. fun! why is it that they always lose it on mom... and while I'm holding them on my shoulder??? we came home and he went right to bed but woke up about 30 minutes ago to get sick some more... hope he's better tmrw.

Thought I'd post my latest dyeing... this was with leftover egg dye. I'm calling it spring green. I think it looks a bit like all the greens on the flowers and leaves right now. This is about 92 yards of single ply romney that is about 18 wpi.

Speaking of flowers. My daffies are really starting to come out and the tulip buds are getting 'ripe' I really love spring.

Back for Christmas 2006, I made pop the coronet from Knitty. Mom gave it to me along with the my so called scarf I made him this year and his little turtle knits felted slippers. I shrunk the slippers more so now they fit me, the scarf... well that's fine the way it is (and I don't believe that he ever wore it), but the hat was too big for me (in height) so I took out the lining and frogged about 4 inches from the top..reworked it with a spiral decrease over 16 rows and now it fits me! :-) I think I'll fix the lining and sew it back in because it makes for quite a toasty warm hat. I can carry a bit of him with me all hat wearing season. I still can't believe he's gone.

DH went to pick up the furniture for the boys room. We're keeping it in the garage until their floors get refinished. So I told DS1 since his bedroom furniture would be in the garage, he'd have to sleep there (in the garage) He didn't believe me for a minute. That kid is too smart for me! This End Up bunks but with 2 drawers below instead of two, a 5 drawer dresser, a 3 drawer dresser , a desk with study carrel and a tall bookshelf We got it from craigslist. DD has the daybed with three drawers under it and the 5 drawer dresser and desk in her room. We also found that on craigslist. If you're looking for something, I highly recommend checking it out. We've been so happy with our finds and feel great knowing that we're re-using and keeping stuff out of landfills. I <3 both craigslist and freecycle. Plus you save $ to boot... always a good thing!


g-girl said...

the daffodils are beautiful! :) I wish I had a garden! We're attempting to create a planter box version. wish us luck. I haven't been so lucky with craig's list when it came to furniture and stuff. lucky!

Becky said...

Love the daffs. Mine have already bloomed and died back for the year. I wish they lasted a bit longer.

AlisonH said...

The daffodils are beautiful! And I love the shade of green you got with the easter dyes. Lovely yarn.