Thursday, April 10, 2008


the PSSAs are over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hip hip hooray!

the knitting was really a success. I was much more laid back this year and the kids really enjoyed it. We'll see how much of a blanket we get made. But I have some that I think will be lifelong I am happy. I'll post pictures of them all later. They're in my other camera.

I finished another LR block today. This is Noro color 102Y. It's really more subdued than this picture more pinky and less orangy.

I also fixed my friend's Louis Vitton bowler's bag today. The handles were coming off, so at lunch I grabbed a needle and some 8 pound fishing line (that's all I had at work.. well actually she had it in her desk) and fixed it. She's thrilled.. glad I could help!

It was a beautiful day and the kids and I sat outside for quite some time after I got home from work. While we were outside, my long lost friend K and her dd stopped by. It was so good to see her... wow a sight for sore eyes. It really made my day! Thanks K, if you ever read this and let's not stay away from each other for so long anymore! While they were here, I actually looked out front (boy do I need to work in the garden) and saw that there were grape hyacinths blooming... so cute and petite. Like perfect little bells.

am so tempted to cut my daffs and bring them in and shoot proper pictures of them. And I am reminded that I MUST plant more bulbs this fall, because I love them so much in the spring. I'd also like to get some of those miniature ones.. they are so cute. Our neighbor has them in her backyard (which is an impeccable garden) and they take my breath away every day!

I'm going yarn shopping on Saturday morning to a listing from craigslist. And I can't wait. I know I'll get some amazing bargains. I'll be sure to tell all about it later.

Oh and say a prayer that I get the taxes done on time. Why do I always procrastinate so long?????

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